Friday, May 02, 2008

Marketing Expert / Jodi Walsh / Seminar at Artomatic

12 Step Program for Artists: THe Art of Doing Business
Sat May 24 - 10:00am-5:00pm at Artomatic
By Jodi Walsh

The 12 STEP Program was designed to give artists the foundation that is needed to become “revenue generating” artists. You will walk away with a clear understanding of how and where to present your artwork for sale to the public and take control of your artistic career.

* STEP 1: Setting Standards – Marketing
* STEP 2: Mandatory Paper Work – Marketing
* STEP 3: Selecting a Look & Style – Marketing
* STEP 4: Creating Templates – Marketing
* STEP 5: Public Relations – Marketing
* STEP 6: Networking & Public Relations
* STEP 7: Portfolios – Project Management & Sales
* STEP 8: Website & Mail Lists – Sales
* STEP 9: Vertical Markets (Where to sell your work) – Sales
* STEP 10: Commissions – Sales
* STEP 11: Exhibitions – Project Management
* STEP 12: Follow Up & Momentum - Sales Cost $130 10 - 5pm.

Includes $45 CD of the 12 STEP Program for Artists: The Art of Doing Business.

Walsh Jodi: artist: a manual laborer, a creator of beautiful objects

With over 30 years in sales, marketing and creating artwork Jodi has successfully marketed her own work and assisted artists in marketing their work into both corporate and residential markets. “Giving artists the information and tools they need to help them succeed is both powerful and rewarding."

Walsh teaches a one day seminar, "12 STEP Program for Artists: The Art of Doing Business”, at Plaza Art in Maryland and nationwide through Learning Product EXPO (LPE) Artist Conference. She is an Art Consultant with Zenith Gallery, and former Director of the Artists’ Museum and APEX Gallery, in Washington, DC.

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