Saturday, May 16, 2009

Of Bricks and Beauty: Murals feed the urban soul -

In today's Washington Post Magazine article, Deneen L. Brown writes a compelling story about the place and need for murals in our communities.
"Beauty always seems to fall on the lowest step of the staircase of needs. You tread on it to get to other things, such as food, shelter, safety, companionship."
The article includes mention and a photo of the Westminster Playground mural, Community which I completed in 2002 for DC Creates Public Art. Information was provided by historian Perry Frank who is working on a book about Washington murals. Read this lovely article with an online photo gallery to see a dozen of DC's landmark murals.
HERE: Of Bricks and Beauty: Murals feed the urban soul. By DeNeen L. Brown
"Standing on the side of Bohemian Caverns on U Street NW, looking at a pair of jazz greats painted against black bricks, it seems a mistake to ignore the beauty set generously before you."

"Murals have the same claim to your attention."

"In the mural overlooking a playground in Shaw, blight is transcended, the red houses are leaning, yet never falling; swaying in a frozen dance in a happy neighborhood where the sky is always blue."

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