Monday, May 11, 2009

Think Small. Artists Creating Mini Paintings To Survive During The Recession | BlogHer

Elana Centor over at Blog Her has a post up about acquiring small art works during the recession. She included one of my pieces, Stellar II and a history of artists selling small works.

And come by on Friday, May 15, 2009, 6-8 pm at Upstairs on 7th to (one night only) purchase small art and feed your soul. Owner Ricki Peltzman has invited Lisa Montag Brotman, Julia Cates, Mila Kagan, Joan Konkel, Jodi, Laurel Lukaszewski, Teresa Roberts Logan, Anne Marchand (myself), Judit Varga, and Ellyn Weiss to exhibit small pieces for sale to benefit THE BLACK WOMEN’S AGENDA, INC. Come visit us and take home a piece of art.

Read Elana Centor's article below:
Think Small. Artists Creating Mini Paintings To Survive During The Recession | BlogHer: by Elana Centor

"Anne Marchand who blogs at Painterly Visions is having a Small Piece Art Show (one night only) in Washington , benefit The Black Women's Agenda, Inc."

Anne Marchand's Stellar Series #2

Stellar II, Anne Marchand, 5"x5"

Her pieces in the show are all 5"x5" or 5"x7".

"The idea of small paintings began before the economy crashed. In 2004, Duane Keiser started the Painting A Day genre. At the time, he would create his painting -- about the size of a postcard and then post it on his blog and eBay. Starting bid was always $100. Today the starting bid for one of his small pieces......"


I hope you will all be able to come this Friday night from 6-8 (if you come at 5:30 that is fine) as there are going to be some amazing pieces of art. The artists have made new pieces just for this show and it would be great to support them and also The Black Women's Agenda, Inc. too. Remember to bring checks and/or cash as the money goes directly to the artist and also you can get a deduction for the non profit. If some of your friends have not been to the new store this is a great time to bring someone for a glass of champagne. If you have any connections to Links, or any other group that you think might want to support this organization, PLEASE send this invitation out. Or, if you are best friends with Michelle Obama you can send it to her also. It is getting very hard for these nonprofits out there in this economy. Thank you sooo much! See you Friday. And yes, there will be some new jewelry here then too. - Ricki

Ricki Peltzman, Owner
Upstairs on 7th
555 12th Street NW Lobby
Washington, DC 20004
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