Tuesday, May 19, 2009

State of the Art: The Lasting Impact of Bob Marley

Soul Rebel: An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley (Insight Editions).

State of the Art: The Lasting Impact of Bob Marley:- from the editors of American Photo

"Sometimes photographers have to work long hours for days on end just to get a handful of interesting images. And sometimes all it takes is a little quality time with a generous subject.
In 1976, Time magazine sent photojournalist David Burnett to Jamaica to work on a story about reggae music, which was becoming a popular addition to radio play lists in the U.S. Burnett started his work by shooting a number of musicians around Ocho Rios, on the island’s north coast. “They all told me that if I wanted to get the story right, I had to go see Bob Marley,” says Burnett."

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