Saturday, May 02, 2009

Strictly Painting 7 Artists

Vivian Lassman, an independent curator and consultant is the juror for the upcoming Strictly Painting 7 Exhibition at the McLean Project for the Arts. The exhibition opens on June 18, 2009. Ms. Lassman selected the following artists for the exhibition. Congratulations to all!

Choi, Eo ryoung
Clark, Sara
Clinard, Ruth French
Coburn, Deborah Addison
De Boer, Adam
Farber, Dennis
Fowler, Heidi
Gagliano, Michelle
Gibson-Hunter, Claudia
Gray, Noelle I.K.
Henneberry, Kathryn
Huntington, Jeff
Judy, Judith
Kauffman, Sally
Kim, Hannah Naomi
Laffal, Shelly
Margolis, Deena Feigelson
Mueller, Johanna
Peck, Judith
Piccirillo, Emily
Plattner, Phyllis
Santiago, Nicole McCormick
Simmons, Kristy
Southerland, Judy
Wagner, Tom

McLean Project for the Arts
1234 Ingleside Avenue
McLean,Virginia 22101

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