Thursday, March 12, 2009

The 24-Hour Drawing Project

Beginning March 13, 2009, the Hamiltonian Gallery on U Street will host the 24-Hour Drawing Project. For the first time, this iteration of the 24-Hour Drawing Project will take place simultaneously in both Australia and the US. Project co-founder Hannah Bertram will lead the project in Melbourne, Australia. Six artists, led by project co-founder Kendall Nordin, will participate in Washington, D.C.

Friday 9 am - midnight and Saturday morning 7 am- 9 am.

The 24-hour Drawing Project is an event in which artists start and finish a work of art in a continuous 24-hour period. Artists work on their own projects - the materials, scale, purpose or content are not restricted. The art-making does not necessarily result in an outcome that could be exhibited, so the labor of the artists is ultimately the exhibit. The artists will all be working on projects related to duration and space.

Artists: Kendall Nordin, Leah K White, Hamiltonian artist Leah Frankel, Erica Prince, Heather Bregman, Sarah Ritch from the Pen 16 Collective in Philadelphia.

Hamiltonian Artists
1353 U Street, NW
Suite 101
Washington,DC 20056-3975

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