Friday, March 13, 2009

Fit to Structure

The Fifteen Before Fifteen
Article written by Chris Davis
Nevin Kelly Gallery's charm is that you can look at art in a relaxed setting. Moreover the display is scaled to that of an actual home. The space accurately represents the size of the work, thereby eliminating the chance that a patron will take home a piece of work that doesn't fit. Add to that the fact that Nevin employs different techniques in hanging works of art. From their website, "We change our exhibition format periodically between formal hangings of work in 'gallery style' that allows us to showcase a select sampling of our inventory and a less formal 'salon style' approach that shows a broader selection or works by each of our artists. We think this keeps things interesting." It most definitely does.

Nevin Kelly Gallery
1400 Irving Street NW #132
(inside The Highland Park Apartment building)
Washington, DC

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