Saturday, March 28, 2009

"White Noise" at Hamiltonian Gallery

March 29, 2009, 3:00pm

"White Noise"
Stroyka Theater Company
@ Hamiltonian Gallery
1353 U Street, Washington D.C.
CHARGE: $10 (all proceeds go to benefit the actors)

Please rsvp to jackie[at]hamiltoniangallery[dot]com

The Stroyka Theater Company offers a reading of Hamiltonian Fellow and playwright Tom Block's work: "White Noise."

The piece will be performed at Hamiltonian Gallery on March 29th, at 3:00 pm. The play reading will take place in front of Mr. Block's 63 foot long painting installation, "Conference of the Birds," a visual exploration of some of the same themes of moral ambiguity that "White Noise" looks at. The painting, along with the work of Lisa Brotman and Michael Enn Sirvet, will be on view until May 2, 2009.

In "White Noise", Tim, an African-American painter on spiritual themes, travels to Detroit to expand his ministry of the arts, as well as escape from interior demons. However, far from getting away from himself, his inner psychic turmoil becomes manifested in a series of increasingly strange encounters with his hosts, as well as the appearance of a scantily clad 20th century female mystic, Simone Weil, who emerges from out of his own fevered interior world. The play leaves us with more questions than answers, and explores the divergence between personal experience and the social effect of an action, and which is more important to building a "moral" world.

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