Friday, March 20, 2009

Hamiltonian Arists

Reception: Saturday, March 21, 7-9pm
Lisa Brotman, Thomas Block, Michale Enn Sirvet

Hamiltonian Gallery and Hamiltonian Artists announce the opening of their fifth exhibition featuring the lush and emotional work of Lisa Brotman, the tumultuous second installment of Tom Block's series exploring mysticism in our post-religious age, and Michael Enn Sirvet's sculptural work exploring the complex dualities of the natural and fabricated world. Disparate as the work may appear on the surface, each of these three artists endeavor to embolden the viewer to reevaluate the relationships of three overlapping realms through the filter of our modern-day sensibilities; namely, the world around us, the world within us and the world we cannot see.

Hamiltonian Gallery
1353 U Street NW
Washington DC 20009

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