Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pushing the boundaries: Fiber and books as art

Pushing the boundaries: Fiber and books as art
By Claudia Rousseau on
The question about definition becomes more complex with a show like "Tribute to Fiber Art" where the title suggests that the work needs support. This was, in fact, curator Jodi Walsh's intent in organizing this second annual "tribute" exhibit at BlackRock. Fiber art covers a very large swathe of object types, from quilted pieces to sculptural works. Identifying criteria are somewhat vague — anything made of fiber, using sewing, weaving, wrapping or similar techniques to create works that are either two- or three-dimensional. This selection of more than 20 regional artists, all women, shows a predominance of quilting techniques. The most compelling is Cynthia Harrison's "Nocturne/Crape Myrtle," which, with its large size and luscious colors, has a strong design reminiscent of early 20th century American painter Augustus Tack, who, interestingly enough, painted a curtain still in use at the District's Lincoln Theatre.

Article on "BookEnds: The Book as Art" at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring and "A Tribute to Fiber Art" in the Art Gallery at the BlackRock Center in Germantown HERE.

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