Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shen Wei / Almost Naked

April 2nd-May 2nd

Randall Scott Gallery presents the opening of their new location in Brooklyn with Shen Wei / Almost Naked

opening reception for the artist
April 2nd, 6pm-8pm

Shen Wei

When Shen Wei was a teenager, growing up in Shanghai, he snuck into an underground movie theater and watched the film Basic Instinct. He was not so much shocked by the sex and the violence in the film, but was more affected by the realization of how people were so numbed by the ideas of intimacy, sexuality and love.

When he came to America, his curiosity in how people dealt with their identity in an open society grew. He began to photograph random people. People off the street, people he had just met.

When creating a portrait, the photographer/subject connection is crucial. Without this connection, the subject will produce a facade, an invisible wall between the two. Shen Wei manages to very quickly gain trust and forge an emotional connection. The resulting image is one of honesty, non-glamorous, stripped down, and without pretense.

Wei's portraits are about human nature, emotions, feelings and desire. He explores the complexity of emotional nakedness and human psychology through the bond he creates with his subject. The intimate act of a portrait, the one-on-one relationship between photographer and subject, brings the subjects self forward.

Randall Scott Gallery
111 Front Street #204
Brooklyn, NY 11201


11am-6pm Wed-Sat
DUMBO First Thursdays 11am-8:30pm

Located on the corner of Front and Washington Streets
in-between the bridges

F (York St)
A C (High St)

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