Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Call for Entry: Wild Things

A national juried exhibition; cash awards

From amoeba to zebra, extinct to extant, real to imagined, this show invites artists to submit works impelled by the animal. The jury seeks pieces revealing the anima, the vital breath or soul of animals, and works reflecting the diversity of animals – from microscopic to enormous, from active to sedentary, from simple to complex. The call is open to all media with the goal of creating a diverse and exciting exhibition. Ultimately, each piece selected must vitally locate it’s genesis in the appearance, shape, sound, smell, energy, diet, behavior, history, prehistory, or folklore of wild things.

Theme: works inspired by animals – extinct, extant, real, imagined
Show location: Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park & Arts Center, Solomons, Maryland
Eligibility: all media; must be 18 or older
Exhibition Dates: May 31-August 30, 2009

For more Information: gardenevents@chesapeake.net or visit www.annmariegarden.org

Deadline: March 23, 2009

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