Saturday, March 21, 2009

CHALK4PEACE at Peace Alliance's Conference for PEACE

From John Aaron

Visit Chalk4Peace Blog to follow stories of the Peace Alliance's Conference for PEACE: "Peace Within Reach: People and Politics Partnering for our Common Security"

John Aaron and Marielle Mariano of CHALK4PEACE offer a continuing narration of events attended and instigated by CHALK4PEACE in this coming week.
See the posts HERE; feel free to pass on your comments onto the blog and they will post them.

John and Marielle,

John Aaron
Ventura, California, United States
John is the Global Project Founder and CEO of CHALK4PEACE, Inc., a non-profit organization that oversees the CHALK4PEACE Project worldwide. CHALK4PEACE, the young person's global Chalk Art Painting event will happen again for the fourth time at hundreds of locations worldwide during September, 2009.

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